Why Union?

Building a Better Life Together.

At UFCW Local 880, we believe one good job should be enough. Every job should offer fair pay, respect and a chance to build a life you’re proud of, no matter your role. Whether you’re working in a grocery store, healthcare facility, retail, cannabis or in packing and processing, your work matters.

Joining together with your fellow workers ensures you get what you deserve: higher wages, solid health benefits, a secure pension and a real say in your workplace. Together, we’re not just workers. We’re partners in shaping workplaces where everyone is treated fairly, where everyone gets their due. That’s the life we’re building together.

“I’ve been supporting the union from the beginning. When we all stick together we can get solid wage increases, better benefits and be treated with more respect.”
A member of UFCW Local 880, the packing and processing union in Northeast Ohio
Lonny J.
Save A Lot

The Union Difference

Union members earn higher wages than non-union workers, allowing you to better support yourself and your loved ones. When we stand together and negotiate, we secure pay that respects and reflects our hard work and value.

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare without the burden of exorbitant costs. We advocate for affordable health insurance that prioritizes you.

A stable retirement isn’t a privilege; it’s what you’ve earned. In our union, we fight together for solid pension plans so you can retire worry-free.

With the union behind you, your employment is stable and secure. We fight for job security so you can work with confidence, without constant worry about the next paycheck or unfair discipline.

When we stand united, your voice is amplified and respected. Through the union, we actively shape our workplaces, making them better for all.

Life’s not all about work. Fair scheduling means you can plan for and enjoy life’s big moments, like your child’s school play or a weekend with loved ones.

Union membership comes with perks! Access a wide range of discounts and special programs designed to make life a little sweeter and more enjoyable for you and your family. From college scholarships to discounts on wireless services, tickets, travel and more, your union benefits don’t end at your contract.

Join Our Union Family

Are you ready to stand with your coworkers for higher wages, stronger benefits and better lives? Joining our union is simple. Connect with an organizer today to start the conversation.

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