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The world of retail is ever-evolving, but one thing remains constant: the dedication and hard work of retail workers. From the early morning stocker preparing for the day’s rush, to the cashier ensuring every customer’s experience is a positive one, each individual plays a vital role. UFCW Local 880 is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with retail workers in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania fighting for higher wages, better benefits and respect on the job.

A smiling CVS clerk represented by UFCW Local 880, the retail workers union in Ohio, stands behind the check-out counter.

How Our Retail Workers Union Makes Work Better

Your effort and dedication drive the retail industry. You should be compensated in a manner that reflects the vital role you play. We stand beside you to negotiate for a paycheck that rewards the value you bring.

Retail hours can be demanding and unpredictable, but that shouldn’t mean your life outside of work is compromised. We fight for scheduling practices that respect both your personal time and professional commitment, so you can plan your life without unnecessary disruptions.

As technology evolves, so does the retail landscape. At UFCW Local 880, we’re proactive protecting jobs threatened by technological advancements like automation. We’re on the front lines, recognizing that your skills are both invaluable and irreplaceable.

Beyond a paycheck, benefits are a crucial part of your overall compensation. From health insurance to retirement plans, we advocate together for your well-being now and in the future.

WE ARE 880

"My union rep has fought for us time and time again. I’ve been in UFCW Local 880 for 19 years, and working with my rep and being in the union has given me a voice on the job."
Smiling members of our grocery workers union at Dave's in Cleveland Ohio
Daphne H.

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Are you ready to stand with your coworkers for higher wages, stronger benefits and better lives? Joining our retail workers union is simple. Connect with an organizer today to start the conversation.

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