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In a world that often feels stacked against you, your union is a source of hope and strength. Becoming a union member is a powerful declaration of your worth and rights as a worker. Taking this bold step isn’t just joining an organization—it’s reclaiming your voice, dignity and value in the workplace.
“With our union we’ve earned the company’s respect and made a lot of improvements. We know the company is making a lot of money. Standing together in negotiations shows management we are worth a lot more and deserve a contract we can all be proud of.”
A Unionized Save A Lot worker in Northeast Ohio
Jeremy C.
Save A Lot
A woman represented by UFCW Local 880, the grocery workers union in Cleveland, Ohio.

Earn the Respect You Deserve

When you stand with the union, you stand tall with the certainty that your rights, hard work and contributions are acknowledged and respected.

Building Collective Power

There’s an unmatched strength in unity. One voice can be dismissed, but a united front of dedicated workers has a power that cannot be ignored. With the collective bargaining power of the union, we negotiate better wages, secure stronger benefits and improve working conditions.

Your Voice, Amplified

When you join our union, you’re no longer a solitary voice; you’re part of a chorus that can't be ignored. Your concerns, ideas and needs are not just heard but echoed and amplified. Through the union, your voice gains the volume necessary to effect real change.

Dignity in Every Job

Every job has intrinsic value, and so does every worker. In our union, dignity isn’t a privilege; it’s a non-negotiable right that accompanies every role.

A smiling Giant Eagle employee represented by UFCW Local 880, the grocery workers union, prepares curbside pick-up grocery orders.

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UFCW Local 880 sees, hears and values you. Together, we are building a world where you're empowered, respected and valued—every single day. Connect with us today to learn how we can make work work for you.

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