New Report Outlines an Equitable and Just Future for the Cannabis Industry

UFCW Local 880 Applauds New Report Outlining an Equitable and Just Future for the Cannabis Industry


UFCW Local 880 is excited to share a recently released report from the Parabola Center titled How to Federally Legalize Cannabis Without Violating the Constitution or Undermining Equity and Justice.”

Cannabis workers are on the new frontier of a burgeoning industry that is growing rapidly. Thanks to the many state programs championed by our union, this diverse sector has made meaningful progress in promoting small businesses, equity-based initiatives, and worker-owned shops.

While the industry as a whole has a long way to go, we have to protect the gains we’ve made while creating a bright future for workers in this space. This report lays out a path to do just that. Instead of allowing corporations to monopolize cannabis, Congress must act to help shape a worker-centered future that prioritizes equity and prevents predatory behavior.

Report Background:

The Parabola Center’s report lays the blueprint for Congressional reform of federal cannabis law in a way that:

  • Safeguards workers’ rights
  • Protects against monopolies
  • Encourages high wages
  • Provides greater access to the industry for historically marginalized communities.

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