UFCW Local 880 Secretary-Treasurer Carl Green Appointed to UFCW Minority Coalition Board

Region 1 Director Fallon Ager, Local 880 Rep Louise Landals, Local 880 Secretary-Treasurer Carl Green and Local 880 Lead Rep Christine Darrow at the UFCW Minority Coalition 50-year celebration

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with our UFCW Local 880 family: Our very own Secretary-Treasurer, Carl Green, has been appointed to the board of the UFCW Minority Coalition. This is not just an honor for Carl but a moment of pride for all of us at Local 880.

The UFCW Minority Coalition is a cornerstone of our union, renowned as the oldest constituency group in the UFCW. This year, they marked an incredible milestone, celebrating 50 years of tireless advocacy and work building stronger unions and communities. The coalition’s recent banquet in Washington, DC, wasn’t just a celebration of the past but a reaffirmation of our ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice within the labor movement.

Green’s appointment to the board is a testament to his dedication to advocacy and the respect he’s earned through his decades of service in the UFCW. A true champion for our members, his insights, experience and commitment make him an ideal representative for Local 880 in the coalition.

The mission of the UFCW Minority Coalition resonates deeply with our values at Local 880: to develop a unified voice and promote diversity and inclusion within the labor movement. This work is crucial, and we are confident that Green will contribute significantly to its mission with fresh perspective and a passion for justice and equality. We look forward to the impactful work he will accomplish with the UFCW Minority Coalition, and we are proud to support him in this new endeavor.

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